Investment Management

Notes to the reader

This implementation guide contains all the steps required for implementing the "Investment Management" system. The guide consists of three main parts:

There is a complete separate implementation guide for capital investment programs. You can use it to make all the settings in the system that are required for this area.
You will need to complete these implementation steps if you already use the CO-OM-OPA system (Internal Orders) and you now want to manage capital investment orders in addition to 'normal' internal orders (Delta Cusomizing).
You can find the CO-OM-OPA implementation guide under Controlling -> Overhead cost control . You should use this guide if you have not yet managed any internal orders.
You will need to complete these step if you already use the PS system (Project System) and now want to manage investment projects in addition to 'normal' CO projects (Delta Customizing).
Use the implementation guide for the PS system is you have not yet managed any projects.

You can find information on the concepts of the IM system in the IM System Administration Guide (R/3 Library). In the individual chapters of the implementation guide, you will find references to the corresponding chapters in this guide under "Additional information." You can call up the System Administration Guide online under Help -> R/3 Library.