Quality Management

First steps

Before you process the Implementation Guide for the QM module, make sure you read the following passages (click on the highlighted text elements):

Quality Management in the R/3 System

You can implement the following quality management functions using the QM module:

The QM module is integrated in the SAP System. As a result, the functions of the QM module:

For this reason, the QM module uses the full range of its functions only when it is implemented in conjunction with the following SAP modules: Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales & Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Controlling (CO).

The following central functions of the R/3 System are typically used with QM module, to take full advantage of its capabilities:

SAP Recommendation


If you follow the SAP R/3 procedure model closely when you implement the QM module, you can skip the remaining part of this text. The activities listed below merely describe the most important organizational steps you should be aware of during the implementation process.

1. Define the scope of implementation:
2. Describe the business processes that will be supported by the SAP-QM module:
Determine the actual status of the processes in your company that are likely to be supported by the SAP-QM module.
Develop a concept that describes your requirements and coordinate it with the affected company departments.
Provide a general description of the required business processes; correct or supplement the description in the course of implementing the project, as necessary.
The description of the business processes will serve as the basis for test plans and operating manuals in subsequent phases of the project.
3. Determine which company departments will be affected by the implementation and how they will be affected:
4. Define the implementation stages: