Changes in Posting of Fixed Portions


In Release 3.0/3.1, order and project planning included fixed portions in posting of total costs/quantities ot receivers. Separation of these into fixed and variable portions was not useful because they did not participate in activity output.

In Release 4.0, the R/3 System no longer posts fixed quantities and fixed costs. This does not mean they are meant to be variable; from an SAP standpoint, the costs are simply undefined. The user must divide them during allocation to an activity-producing object into fixed and variable.

There are no changes in manual planning entry and display.

In activity allocation, however, the allocated costs include a portion which is already fixed in relation to the sender object. This remains fixed in further cost flows. Therefore, the R/3 System posts this portion as fixed costs (from a sender standpoint) to the receiver as well. The difference between total and fixed costs remains undefined.

From a sender standpoint, there is no fixed quantity portion. It posts as total/undefined. In contrast with 3.0/3.1, this is also the case in Release 4.0 for indirect activity allocation as well.