Enhancements for additional evaluation areas in FI.


As from Release 4.0, annual reporting can now be carried out to meet different reporting requirements, for example the HGB (German Commercial Code) and US GAAP. In the following programs, the different valuation base is calculated and if necessary posted.

Once you have made the necessary settings in Customizing, you can run the programs with a different valuation area.
If the valuation of the open items affects the balance sheet, the differences are stored in table BSBW.
When the list of receivables/payables is later sorted, the differences stored in table BSBW are then used.

Change system parameters in customizing

The additional depreciation area must be created in the Financial Accounting Implementation Guide in the activity "Define depreciation areas" . You then need to define the account determination for the different depreciation areas - also in Customizing.
For further information, refer to the documentation on programs SAPF100, SAPF101 and RFSBEW00.