Enhancements in Reporting


If you mark the Check texts parameter, you can select specific customers or vendors with master data or document long texts in the following programs. You can also output the texts in a list. However, you can only select certain text IDs and determine the maximum output length for each text.

RFDOPO00 List of Customer Open Items

RFDEPL00 List of Customer Line Items

RFDAPO00 List of Customer Cleared Items

RFKOPO00 List of Vendor Open Items

RFKEPL00 List of Vendor Line Items

RFKAPO00 List of Vendor Cleared Items

you can use master data long texts and document long texts to select specific customers or vendors by choosing the "Check texts" parameter. You can also have the system display the texts in the created lists by specifying the text IDs and the maximum output length per text.

You can use these new functions to display customers, vendors or line items that are, for example, part of doubtful transactions for which an explanatory text was entered.