Withholding tax reporting for Belgium using forms 281.50 and 325.50


Program RFKQST70 enables you to report withholding tax for vendors using forms 281.50 and 325.50. This program should be used in conjunction with standard (as opposed to enhanced) withholding tax. Data is output using SAPScript forms. Tax form 281.50 is created with SAPScript form F_RFKQST70_10, tax form 325.50 with SAPScript form F_RFKQST70_20.

There are a number of ways in which the transactions to be reported can be distinguished from each other, including entering the statutory minimum amount, above which withholding tax has to be reported for the vendor.

Change system parameters in customizing

You set up standard witholding tax processing for Belgium. The SAPScriptforms mentioned above may need to be adjusted.