Payment Advice Notes for Incoming Payments with Correspondence


This function creates payment advice notes for correspondence (account statement or dunning notice). The advice number can be output as a reference in correspondence or in an attached payment medium. To output correspondence, you use field RF140-AVSID, and field MHNK-AVSID for dunning. For attached payment media, the advice note number may be output in the note to payee or in the reference.

You can use the advice note number to select the items listed in the correspondence for a payment. In the best case scenario, you can use the electronic bank statement to clear the items.

The advice note number has 10 places and always begins with 08 (advice note type 08). During printing, the number is noted in table MHNK (dunning notices) or BKORM (correspondence). The stored advice note number is used for repeat printouts but does not appear in a test printout of a dunning notice.

Only incoming payments for customers or vendors are supported. Payment advice notes are only created for those notices in which all items have the same currency.

Only gross amounts are noted in payment advice notes because cash discount is sometimes granted for incoming payments, which means the payment amount is not fixed.

Change system parameters in customizing

1. You define whether payment advice notes are to be created for the account statement and customer statement in the variants for programs FRKORD10 and RFKORD11. You store these program cariants in Customizing in program assignment for each correspondence type and company code. You may also define correspondence types with and without payment advice notes which you then select according to purpose.
2. In dunning, you can define whether you want to create a payment advice note in addition to form output. You create these definitions in settings for dunning texts.
3. You must enter payment advice note type 08 in table T053G (transaction SM30).