Changes to Automatic Correspondence


The following was changed or added to automatic correspondence for Release 4.0A:

1. Parked documents can now be output for account statements, internal documents, and document extracts. To do this for account statements, mark the output parameters on the selection screen.
2. An account statement can be output for customer/vendor clearing which contains the items from both accounts by marking the correct parameters on the selection screen. The account statement is only requested and addressed for the customer in clearing. A request for the vendor in clearing will produce no results.
3. You can create account statements from archived documents for past periods as well, provided the document index run times selected were of a sufficient length. For existing document indexes, the line items are read subsequently from the archive if necessary.
4. Periodic account statements can also be created for vendors provided you make an entry in the Account Statement field in the correspondence area of vendor master records.
5. Structure FSABE for the output of accounting clerk data was adapted to the new address management and changed user address data in SAPoffice. Some new fields were added, and other fields such as cost center were removed.
6. You can now also create payment advice notes that contain open items (without noted items) for account statements.
7. You can print account statements with attached payment media.

Change system parameters in customizing

To use the new functions, you may have to make the changes described above in Customizing for correspondence.

Changes in procedure

You must make an entry in the Account Statement field for those vendors for whom a statement is to be created in order to use periodic account statements for vendors.

Further notes

For further information, see the following Release notes:

Payment Advice Notes in Correspondence

Attached Payment Media

Open FI