Document Management: Additional Information for Object Links


As of Release 4.0A, you can save additional information on the link between a document and another R/3 object. For example, if you link a document, such as a design drawing, to a material master record, you can enter a specific customer to which the drawing applies.

You can enter this information in either the document info record or the master record of the object (for example, the material master record).

Links Between Documents and R/3 Objects

You have the following options for saving additional information on an object link:

This option is supported in the standard R/3 System.
In the standard R/3 System, you can classify object links using class type 048.
You can only attach an R/3 object if its key fields are maintained in Customizing for document management.

Links between documents

All of these new functions are also available for links between documents. There is also a special function for links between documents: Define direction. The direction shows how linked documents interact.

The following direction settings are defined:

This is the default setting in the standard R/3 System.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to attach additional objects to object links, you must define the additional object types that you want to use for the combination of document type and linked R/3 object. To do this, perform step: Define document types (define object links).