Extensions to the appointments diary


For Release 4.0A the appointments diary has been revised and its functions extended:

Revision of the user interface

The application toolbar has been extended with icons for "Create appointment", "Change appointment", "Delete appointment" and "Weekly overview". There are also icons for the new functions "Periodic appointments", "Find free period", "Employee address" and "Selection date".

Group appointments and periodic appointments are indicated in the calendar with icons.

Periodic appointments

You can create, change, display and delete periodic appointments in the appointment calendar. You can create and edit daily (e.g. every two days), weekly (e.g. every Monday), monthly (e.g. every other month on the 15th, or on the first Tuesday of every month) periodic appointments, or enter your own period directly. If there are appointment conflicts on weekends or public holidays then these can be handled subsequently.

Just as with other appointments, periodic appointments can be created as group appointments.

Language-specific sending of mails

Until now, whenever you created, changed or deleted group appointments, mails were sent to the participants in English. These mails are now sent in the logon language of the person editing the group appointment.

Search for free periods

When creating a group appointment it is important to find an appointment that all the participants can attend. You can specify a start and end date, start and end time and appointment duration for the period to be searched. The appointments diaries of the the participants are searched for existing appointments in this period. Any free periods are proposed and you can select an appointment. An appropriate message is sent if there are is no possibility of a group appointment in this period.

Display of employees' addresses

You can display the personal data of other appointments diary users, their company address and any contact numbers.