Changes in address management


A new central address management (CAM) will be delivered for Release 4.0, to be implemented in the areas listed below.

In the medium to long term it is planned to change all applications to this central address management.

In the new CAM the data will be managed in its own database tables. All application objects will only store a reference to the address key.

The following lists the applications in which CAM will be active from Release 4.0A:
The list is split up into
a) Addresses changed to CAM for 4.0A
b) Applications in which the address function is new in 4.0
c) Applications in which the CAM was used in a Release before 4.0

a) Addresses changed to CAM for 4.0A (including data conversion, see below):

b) Address functions are new in 4.0:

c) Applications in which CAM was already used in a Release before 4.0:

Data conversions:

An automatic conversion of the data into the CAM tables takes place for all addresses listed under a) during the 4.0 upgrade. A where-used list is constructed at the same time, which is required for the reorgamization, amongst other things.

Only data is transferred to the CAM tables during the data conversion. No table contents are deleted. logtype (Full screen, dialog box, Include screen)

Which (new) functions are active in the CAM for 4.0?

Consequences for customer programs

In which cases is the customer affected directly by the changes, and when do personal programs or forms have to be adapted?

1. Direct accesses to table SADR in own programs
2. Direct accesses to table USR03 (user addresses) in own programs:

These direct accesses must also be replaced. As a rule the function module SUSR_USER_ADDRESS_READ can be used instead. Read the documentation for the function module.

If you have used SAP programs as a reference for your own programs the direct accesses have already been replaced.

If necessary adapt your program to the new SAP program status.

1. Direct accesses to table EKAN (address one-time vendors in purchasing) in own programs:

Such direct accesses must be replaced. The address must be read with the function module ADDR_GET. The corresponding address number is stored in the field EKKO-ADRNR. Read the documentation of the function module ADDR_GET.

1. Customer-specific batch input programs for purchase orders or inquiries with one-time vendors or delivery addresses:

The interface has changed in this area during the changeover to 4.0. Your own batch input programs must be adapted to the new interface.
Addresses in Purchasing Linked to the Central SAP Address Management

1. Forms with address window:

If you have copied SAP forms with address window check whether a change of the ADDRESS ... ENDADDRESS call in the original form needs to be transferred to your own form.

Damage caused to data by errors

There is no danger of data losses since no table contents are deleted during the data conversion.

Change system parameters in customizing

Additional customizing settings can be used for the central address management. They can be found in the IMG under the component
Cross-application functions
--> General application functions
--> Address management

Execute function

Effect on batch input

see above

Changes to the interface

see above

Dependent functions

The description above lists in which application areas the central address management is included in 4.0.