Information Workbench


The Information Workbench is an integrated, Web-technology-based authoring and translation environment for developing online documentation and other R/3 System information products. It comprises R/3 System functions and PC components for editing documents on the frontend. The documents are stored in the R/3-Basis document management system Information Repository.

The Information Workbench also contains programs and functions for context-sensitive display of the documentation in the R/3 System online help.

The Info Workbench documentation display functions are used to display the extended help, the IMG and the glossary. These types of online help are stored in HTML format and displayed in a Web browser from Release 4.0A. See also Info Object Viewer release info.

The Info Workbench documentation development functions are used for the creation and translation of online documentation. They can be used by customers to develop customer-specific documentation und integrate it in the online help and to modify SAP original documentation.

Software/hardware requirements

The documentation development functions require:

Installation information

The Information Repository installation guide contains further information about installing or configuring the Information Repository and its Web/file server. The frontend installation guide contains information about installing the Information Workbench PC components.

Further notes