Minor Enhancements in Line Item Display


1. In making mass changes, the system now offers the following fields:
a) Item text (BSEG-SGTXT)
b) Partner bank type (BSEG-BVTYP)
2. The summary sheet at the end of the list is now also displayed in totaling mode at the end of the list.
3. You can now sort items by absolute amounts using:
a) Amount in local currency (RFPOS-DMSHB)
b) Amount in second local currency (RFPOS-DMBE2)
c) Amount in third local currency (RFPOS-DMBE3)
d) Amount in document currency (RFPOS-WRSHB)
4. You can use Open FI to set up extra functions at the following times:
a) Prior to displaying the first list (for example, check additional authorizations or send an error message)
b) When creating the layout of header lines (for example, display more data as an addition or alternative to the standard header lines)
c) When supplementing more data for each line item (for example, read additional data from other tables and display in the line item list)
d) When accessing additional components from the menu
5. The system now displays the WBS element always in external format, and you can find, sort, and total items without having to define the WBS element field as a special field.

Change system parameters in customizing

1. No customizing is necessary.
2. No customizing is necessary.
3. You have to select the "Sort by absolute amounts" indicator on the "Line item" screen in editing options for accounting. The online help for this indicator provides a detailed example explaining the sorting options.
4. Customizing Business Transaction Events
a) Event 00001630
b) Event 00001640
c) Event 00001650
d) Event 00001620 (Key texts) and Event 00001610 (Callup of additional components)
To do this, choose the activity
Use business transaction events .