Transfer of trading partner assignments during cross-company posting.


The "cross-company code posting" function has been modified as follows:

When posting takes place between two company codes, the company ID assigned to company code A is automatically entered in the clearing lines items of the company code B, and transferred to all line items in that company code, and vice versa. This can only happen if:

Previously, the company ID was only entered in the clearing lines items for each company code, and not transferred to other line items.

Change system parameters in customizing

You do not need to make any additional settings in Customizing in order to use this modification.

However, if you want to use the previous functions of cross-company code posting (trading partner assignments are only entered in the clearing line items for each company code, even if the conditions mentioned above exist), you must use a document type for which the indicator "Multiple companies" is selected.
For more information, see the step
Define document types in the "Financial Accounting Global Settings" Implementation Guide.