New in FI ABAP Queries


1. As of Release 4.0, the functional areas, user groups, and queries standard in FI will be delivered as client-independent instead of client-dependent as they were previously. As a result, an explicit import to the clients you wanted to use is no longer necessary. The queries are retrieved like other ABAP programs.
Standard functional areas and standard user groups now start with /SAPQUERY/. The delivered reporting trees were adjusted.
To view the queries, you must first go into the ABAP query transaction and select Environment -> Work areas -> Global area, which is where you will find standard FI queries. If you want to create your own queries, you may choose to do so globally or locally with Basis tools for copying or transforming.
2. In the G/L, Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menus, sub-path Ad hoc reports was added under Periodic processing -> Information system. This allows you to branch into the ABAP query. A default user group is then proposed.
You can define the default user group and the default work area for the first branching to the query with the AQB (user group) and AQW (work area) parameters in the SAP user master. If you do not define the user group, the user groups delivered by SAP will be called the first time you branch. After the first call, the last group to be processed will be taken.

Further notes

For more detailed information on the new functions in the ABAP query, read the corresponding BASIS documentation.