Translation of local currency amounts into another currency for reporting purposes.


With the realization of European Monetary Union and the introduction of the EURO, the following scenario may arise: A company (company code) has already converted to the EURO, but the tax office to which it must submit its tax reports requires it to present its advance return for tax on sales/purchases in the relevant country currency (alternative local currency).
For Release 4.0, the following programs have been changed to allow local currency amounts to be translated into another currency:

Currency translation into the alternative local currency can be activated (client-independent) for the programs listed above in table T000F.
In table TEURB, you can specify for each company code and program into which currency and with which exchange rate type the currency translation should be carried out.
When starting one of the above programs, you can enter the following information on the selection screen:

Choose the Customizing activities:
Activate alternative local currency for advance tax return
Specify alternative local currency for sales/purchase tax return