Characteristics Maintenance: New Functions


Sort Values

You can sort the values for a characteristic in either ascending or descending order.

Characteristic Values List

You can create a list of objects that have a certain characteristic value assigned to them. For example, if you want to delete a value that has already been assigned to objects, you can use this list to find the objects that you need to reclassify.

Overwriting a Characteristic for a Specific Class

You can overwrite the No entry can be made indicator and the and Hidden indicator for a specific class. These indicators are defined on the interface control screen of the characteristic,

If you have overwritten characteristics for individual classes before Release 3.0, run report program RCCTUT02 without entering any parameters. This program checks these 2 indicators across all clients, and prepares them for overwriting.
Only run this program once.
If you have overwritten characteristics for individual classes in Release 3.0 or later, there is no need to run this program.

To start the program immediately, choose Execute.