Open Interfaces (Business Transcation Events)


Release 4.0 offers two kinds of interface in Financial Accounting.

Publish & Subscribe interfaces are designed 1) to inform you that particular events have occurred in the SAP System and 2) to enable you to access the data created by these events. This data can then be used to initiate further kinds of data processing. The term event is used here to cover the following kinds of activity:
- Creating, changing or blocking a master record
- Entering, parking, changing or reversing a document
- Clearing or reversing a posting
- Displaying account balances
- Displaying list of line items belonging to an account
- Displaying change documents

Further customer-specific forms of data processing may include:
- Starting a workflow
- Creating, changing or displaying customer's own additional data
- Calling a BAPI
- Requesting correspondence
- Validating master data or document constellations during document
- posting
- Starting an EDI process.

Process interfaces enable business processes to be controlled in ways other than those possible under Customizing settings. In general, the aim is to enable users to tailor either the contents of particular fields or specific responses to processes to their own needs.
In future, it should be possible to initiate additional processing for a given event. Other SAP application components, industry solutions, partners and individual SAP customers should all be able to take advantage of this additional processing. Where there are several competing additional functions, customers decide which has priority. Additional developments are carried out using the ABAP Development Workbench. In addition to the events listed above, the following activities could be carried out:
- Substitution of particular document header or line item fields prior - to posting or to changing the document just processed (where the - fields allow these changes)
- Customer-specific checks as to whether outgoing invoices have been
- entered twice.
- Customer-specific bank identification in the payment program
- Customer-controlled creation of data mediums for outgoing payments
- Customer-specific calculation of certain key ratios in credit
- management
- Customer control of the dunning program (output medium, check on - whether items can be dunned, form layout)
- Customer control of the Treasury Payment Program

For a detailed list of the interfaces contained in the SAP System, refer to the programs Publish&Subscribe-Interface and Process interfaces.

Installation information

These interfaces are installed by the supplier responsible for the additional component. If you wish to implement a product offered by an external software house, they will carry out the necessary developments and installations.

Change system parameters in customizing

You must define when (at which points) additional components are to be called. This involves defining information about the product (and where necessary a partner identification code) in your system and then assigning one of the function modules you developed to one or more of these events. By activating a product at client level, these additional components can be accessed. All the necessary Customizing settings are made in the activity "Use open interfaces".

Further notes

The concept behind Business Transaction Interfaces is basically a more general form of User-Exits and is of similar use to the end user.