Planning in CO: Freely-Definable Currency (for example, Euro)


In addition to planning in the controlling area-, object- or transaction currency, from Release 4.0 you can also plan in a freely-definable currency.

You can set the freely-definable currency for display or input in extra columns or rows in the planning layout for cost element planning.

You can choose from the following indicators:

If the relevant rows or columns exist in the planning layout, you can make the settings for the freely-definable currency in the manual planning intial screen. Choose "Settings -> Freely-definable currency.

Note the following:

If no currency is entered, the system uses the controlling area currency.
If no exchange rate type is entered, the system takes the exchange rate type and the value date from the fiscal-year-dependent entries in the version.

Change system parameters in customizing

If required, you can supplement existing planning layouts for cost element planning with columns or rows to display or input the freely- definable currency. Alternatively, you can define new planning layouts.

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Overhead Cost Orders
Activity-Based Costing
Cost Object Controlling
Project planning

Changes to the interface

You can see the "Freely-definable currency" function in the manual planning intial screen.