EURO and FI-SL: No pooled table support


Customers can define user-specific tables for storing transaction figures in the FI-SL component. Up to and including Release 2.0, customers had to create pooled tables for lack of an alternative. In Release 2.1, it became possible to create transparent (i.e., containing objects) tables. At the same time, programs for converting data stored in pooled tables to transparent tables became available. SAP recommended throughout Releases 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0 that customers should convert the content of pooled tables to transparent tables.

If a customer makes a currency conversion to the Euro, the FI-SL pooled tables must first be converted to transparent tables. The reason for this is that the conversion programs (and especially the reconciliation programs for Euro conversion) cannot work with pooled tables out of performance considerations. A Euro conversion for pooled tables is not supported in FI-SL.

Using ledger maintenance , check to see whether you use pooled tables in FI-SL. It is often the case that tables 'GLT1' and 'GLT2' are still being used. If you have questions about converting pooled tables to transparent tables, please contact the development department for the FI-SL component.