Currency change for condition records


After the implementation of currency union in Europe, some transactions will be carried out using the Euro rather than country-specific currencies. To continue to support existing transaction processes, it will be necessary to change conditions from one currency to another, e.g. the Euro.

Three existing standard functions have been enhanced to support currency change:

You can use the the condition list to plan and monitor the conversion. You can also create your own condition lists in Customizing with the required selection criteria (e.g. currency).

You can use the condition index and the 'create conditions with reference' functions for carrying out changes to data.

New conditions are created for the conversion. You can have the system propose the end of validity for existing conditions.

Purpose and procedure:

1. Select the condition index, if mass data is to be changed (e.g. all conditions for a sales organization).


Select: Conditions - Selection via index - Create conditions

Select material/sales org./distribution channel, for example.

Enter a sales organization, select 'keep validity end' (this function has been created specifically for currency change - otherwise the proposal would be taken automatically from Customizing) and start selection

Select the conditions to be changed

Select Edit - Currency change

Define the individual change options:

The system issues a log of the changes made. The log gives you an overview of the old and the new condtions. If an error has occurred (red traffic light appears) the system issues an error analysis (select symbol next to the traffic light).

1. To target changes for several conditions, select 'Create conditions with reference' (e.g. all conditions for a particular customer).


Select: Conditions - Prices - Customer-specific - Create with reference

Continue as described for the condition index.

1. To get an overview and to check the conditions, select the condition list


Select: Conditions - Condition list (In Customizing for pricing, you can define your own selection requirements for your condition lists. (In currency conversion, it makes sense to use the new 'selection via currency' option for free accruals).


For technical reasons, it is not possible to select several periods for a condition record in the condition index or when creating conditions with reference. This is possible for the condition list, but mass data change is not possible here. After making a mass data change in the condition index, you should call up the condition list to list the periods that still need to be changed.