Additional functions for Changing Currencies in Sales Order Processing


The following new functions are available from Release 4.0A in sales order processing. They help employees, who process sales orders, to respond to any requests made by business partners regarding currency questions, as quickly as possible.

Change document currency for open orders

To change the document currency in open orders (e.g. LIRE to EURO), proceed as follows:

1. From the initial sales screen, go to Order --> List.
2. Enter the required selection criteria and choose open orders as the range to be selected.
3. Confirm your entries and a list of all open orders appears.
4. Choose List --> Change --> Edit --> Collective change --> New currency . A dialog box appears.
5. Enter the currency that you wish to convert to and confirm.

Change document currency in sales processing

To change the currency to the one in the customer master, go to Header --> Sales and choose Refresh. This is next to the Document curr. field.

Check during sales order processing

Currencies should be converted to EUROs using an official fixed exchange rate. The system checks to see if this has been done in sales order processing. If you change the EURO exchange rate manually, the system issues an error message.

Redetermine currency

When you create a sales order with reference, you can redetermine the currency. This is always necessary if the reference document is not in the permitted currency.
For example: Your customer has changed their local currency (e.g. FFR into EUROs) but none of the reference documents (inquiries, quotations) have been created in the new currency.

In the copy controls for sales documents you can specify a condition for transferring data from the VBKD table (header and item) so that the document currency is taken from the customer master.