Planning data integration with Controlling


In Release 4.0A, you can post on planning data created in Controlling to the general ledger by using integration interfaces. All planning records in CO that contain primary costs are used in the process. The data is stored in the general ledger under Controlling's plan version. In order to post on planning data, the plan version in CO must be indicated as 'integrated.' In the general ledger, a version that corrresponds to individual ledgers in the general ledger must be created and active for planning data integration.

The following business transactions in Controlling are used in planning integration:
KAZP Cost center selection in planning
KOAP Plan settlement
RKP1 Primary cost planning
RKP5 Revenue planning
RKP6 Activity-dependent primary cost planning
RKPB Periodic update in planning
RKPV Distribution in planning

Change system parameters in customizing

To post planning data from Controlling to the general ledger, Planning integration has to be activated for individual general ledgers (currency or valuation ledger) on the version level.