Archiving Customer and Vendor Master Data: New Features


As from Release 4.0, archiving also takes into account tax groupings (table KNAT or LFAT) and alternative payers or payees (KNZA and LFZA).

1. Tax groupings
Tax groupings are archived with cross-company code data, but do not supply any criteria as to whether a master data record can be archived or not.
2. Alternative payer and payee
Note that alternative payers and payees can be defined both cross-company code and per company code. Both tables can prevent a master data record from being archived. For example, if master record A (customer or vendor) is the alternative payer or payeee for master record B, A cannot be archived if master record B has not yet been archived. It follows that you cannot archive a master record of type A until the corresponding master records of type B have been removed from the data base (during one of the preceeding archiving runs).