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In some countries, particularly those in Scandinavia, a reference key is usually entered for each invoice. On payment of the invoice, the invoice recipient informs the appointed house bank of the reference key. The house bank then passes this information on to the recipient bank, and the reference key is then displayed on the payee's account statement.

This procedure enables the payee to easily identify the paid invoices in the incoming payments.

The reference key described above has a different name, depending on the country in which it is used, such as customer ID number (Norway), reference number (Finland), or OCR number (Sweden). The term Payment reference is used in the R/3 System, irrespective of the country of use.

There are country-specific test procedures for the payment reference. The R/3 System currently contains procedures for Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The payment reference is supported both in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Change system parameters in customizing

You will need to change the field selection for the reconciliation accounts and posting keys for which the payment reference is to be allowed. You can find the payment reference field under payment transactions.

If you want to be able to change the payment reference, you must maintain the document change rules for the field payment reference (BSEG-KIDNO). When you are making the settings, please note that it is only worth making a change if the line item has not yet been cleared.

You can define the payment reference field as a selection field, a search field, or a sort field for the clearing transactions and line item displays. You should note that it is a peculiarity of clearing that the payment reference only appears as a selection field if selection by payment reference has been set to active in open item processing in the user options (transaction FB00).

For automatic payment transactions, you can determine for each paying company code whether payments should be divided by payment reference. This setting is only valid in Accounts Payable.

Changes in procedure

Document processing: Field selection is used in both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to determine if and how the payment reference is used.

When invoice-related credit memos are entered, the payment reference is copied from the appropriate invoice.

The payment reference in a line item can be changed, provided this is allowed by the document change rules in Customizing.

Manual clearing: You can use the payment reference to select, search, and sort, provided that the relevant settings have been made in Customizing. It is also possible to select by payment reference without entering the customer account number. However, to do so, you must have already set this selection option to active (transaction FB00) in your user options. If this option is activated, the system checks whether a database index necessary for fast entry has been created in your installation.

Payment program:You can make a setting for automatic payment transactions with vendors that payments should be separated according to payment references. If this setting is made, the payment program generates a payment for each payment reference. You should note here that a payment cannot be triggered for a payment reference which only contains debit items, and an offsetting between customers and vendors can only be made if the the payment reference for the vendor item(s) is also entered in the payment reference for the customer item(s) by a document change.

Payment medium: The reference number is transferred to the payment medium of the following formats:

Country Format Program
Finland LM02 RFFOFI_L
Norway Telepay RFFONO_T
Norway Direct Remittance RFFONO_D
Sweden PostGirot RFFOSE_P

Reference numbers which were entered in the item text in systems with older releases are also transferred to the payment medium.

Manual account statement: The payment reference can be entered as a selection field for manual account statements.

Electronic account statement: Two new interpretive algorithms have been introduced for using the payment reference with Scandinavian account statement formats:

1. 027 (Finnish TITO format)
Please note TITO Format
2. 028 (all MULTICASH conversion programs)
Please note: The number range BELNR in the variants used in report RFEBKA00 must be maintained so that the expected payment references fall in this interval.

You maintain the algorithms described above in Customizing the electronic bank statements for the house bank nodes affected.

Assign interpretive algorithms

Billing documents: When billing in SD, it is possible to automatically generate a payment reference which can be entered when the bill is printed and then updated to the accounting document. The standard system contains a routine which, for Norway, Sweden and Finland, creates the payment reference from the bill number and the check digit. No payment reference is created for countries not mentioned here.

If user exit EXIT_SAPLV60A_001 is used, it is possible to:

Further notes

For information on payment references in SD, see release note Combining FI documents using a payment reference number KIDNO.