RFEBKA00: TITO Format (Finland)


From Release 4.0A, you can use program RFEBKA00 to read electronic bank statements in the Finnish TITO format. To do this, enter "F" in the "Format" field.

By includsing the processing in program RFEBKA00, you can use the whole range of electronic bank statement functions.

Special Features

1. If "Itemization of a transaction" or "Itemization of an itemization" are also delivered, this information is displayed in a separate list. The program only posts the line items to which this information relates.
Should it not be possible to post such a line item, you can use this list of line item information for review purposes.
The information is split according to house bank and account ID, statement and line item number.
2. The following record types are not processed directly:
a) Cumulative Records (T50 und T51)
b) Special Records (T60)
c) Message Records (T70)
d) Notifications (T80 und T81)

Change system parameters in customizing

Data is available for further processing in User Exit EXIT_RFEBFI20_001 in SAP enhancement FEB00003. You can find the enhancement in the Bank Accounting IMG, step Develop enhancements for the Electronic Bank Statement.