Enhancements in Bill of Exchange Processing


Discount Document Reversal

As of Release 4.0A, you can use the usual reversal transaction to reverse discount documents as well as other documents used for bill of exchange (collection, forfaiting). This procedure gives the bill of exchange 'not yet used' status again, allowing it to be cleared, reversed itself (after first undoing payment clearing), or used again.

Selection by Bank Group for Bill of Exchange Drawees in

Transaction FBWE (Bill of Exchange Presentation Transaction FBWE)

The four-character identification for a bank group in Spain can be used to import only bills of exchange that are to be paid using certain Spanish bank groups of the bill of exchange drawee. In this way, you can reduce bank charges.

Selection by Bill of Exchange Reference and Document Number

You can now select a bill of exchange by its document and reference numbers in transaction FBWE.

Prevent Repeated Bill of Exchange Presentation (Transaction FBWE) with DME Files

This prevents more than one DME file with the identical bill of exchange data for presentation to the bank from being created. New transparent table T045dta was created, which stores data like document number, fiscal year, and company code when a data medium exchange (DME) file is created. When you select a bill of exchange, there is a check in this table to determine whether bills of exchange should be imported - according to the selection conditions - for which a DME file was already created. If a file was already created, you will receive a warning message and the bills of exchange that already exist in the table will not be imported. Data from table T045dta will be deleted after 30 days.

Bill of Exchange Presentation (Transaction fbwe): Foreign Currency Handling

Transaction FBWE is now capable of handling foreign currency - in other words, bills of exchange that were not posted in local currency can be imported by FBWE and presented to the house bank for discount or collection.

When the DME file for a foreign currency bill of exchange is created, the transaction currency is placed in the file. If the transaction currency is not the same as the country currency, a warning message will appear.

Naming Conventions for DME Files

Transaction FBWE creates the DME file using the following naming convention:

F + company code + bank ID + sequential number

The file will no longer be placed in the 'work' directory of the current application server, but in the 'global' directory visible to all mounted application servers instead.

You can now specify online the path of another directory on screen 300.

Download Program RFWEDX00

You must specify the complete path and name of the DME files created by transaction FBWE in download program RFWEDX00. The program was added to the menu bar in transaction FBWE:

Treasury -> Cash Managment -> Planning -> Bill of exchange presentation

Bill of Exchange Liability Maintenance and Bank Statement Posting

In addition to maintaining the actual commitments in program RFWOBL00 (bill of exchange liability maintenance), you can now make postings of bank account statements. This will be of especial interest to those countries in which bill of exchange fails only rarely (Japan).

Bill of Exchange Liability Maintenance for Failed Bill of Exchange Before Due Date

Transaction FBW4 is used for bill of exchange liability maintenance. You can also use it for failed bills of exchange that were stored in table TINSO without respect to their due date. The new program RFWOBL transfers the necessary specifications to the transaction - such as bill of exchange receivable accounts, company codes, and currencies used for bill of exchange management - and starts transaction FBW4 for each combination of the parameters.

RFWOBL00: Noted Item Due Date

Previously, if the due date + days by table field was marked, the due date of of the noted item was made up of the due date of the bill of exchange and the protest period; if the field was left blank, the due date of the bill of exchange was used.

The new rule is: additional check between the posting date and the due date of the bill of exchange. If the bill of exchange was entered in the system after its due date (posting date later than due date), then the date 'Bill due date of posting' (field BI_WEFAE) is used as the due date in the noted item.

Deleted Transactions and Programs

FBW7: Replaced by FBWD (vendor returned bills of exchange).

RFBITB02: Replaced by program RFBWG10.

Bank Import Routine in Transaction FBWD

The import routine for French bank files and the administration of rejection reasons were improved. You can now process multiple company codes and bank accounts in one file.

Change system parameters in customizing

Table TINSO of failed bills of exchange was moved to Customizing (IMG) where it is now included under "Current Settings" of the Accounts Receivable menu. Further information is available in the Financial Accounting IMG under Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Bills of exchange receivable in the activity Define failed payment transactions (bills of exchange).