New features of check management


The check management functions are only used if the check number is different from the payment document number (in the case of prenumbered checks, for example). If this is the case, the check numbers are taken from the check lot. The following attributes have been added to the process of maintaining the check lot:

1. Non-sequential check lot
If a check lot is marked as being non-sequential, the checks in the lot do not have to be used in numerical order. Rather it is possible to issue the checks from one check lot to different accounting clerks, and to then store the confirmations in the system as manual checks in whatever order you wish.
Non-sequential check lots therefore cannot be used in automatic payment transaction or for online check printing (posting+form printout).
2. Permitted payment methods
You can allocate the payment methods existing for a check lot to that lot. When the check is printed, the system checks whether the combination of payment lot and payment method is allowed. If no payment method has been entered, all payment methods for this lot are possible.
3. Length and structure of the check numbers in each lot
The restriction does not apply that the lot for a bank account must have the same structure as the check numbers in the lot (suffix, prefix, length).
4. Additional information

Change system parameters in customizing

You will find further information on the check lot in the Implementation Guide for Financial Accounting under the activity Define number ranges for checks.

Changes to the interface

You maintain the new attributes for check management by double-clicking on the check lot in the usual maintenance transaction.

Dependent functions

When the permitted payment methods are checked, it may be that for online check printing (posting+form printout), the check lot entered on the header data screen and the payment method are not suitable for one another. If this happens, you have the option of choosing an alternative check lot.