Instructions in payment transactions


Until now, instructions made to a credit institution for controlling a payment could only be defined in the customer or vendor master record using the instruction key.

As of Release 4.0A, it is possible to assign these instructions to an account in the invoice document. Invoices with matching instructions are combined in payments by the payment program. If no instructions have been defined in the document, the instructions contained in the instruction key in the master record will be used, as before.

The possible entries pushbutton shows you which instructions can be used for each format or country. The following payment medium formats which are available in the standard SAP system currently support instructions:

Country Format Program

001 International S.W.I.F.T formats RFFOM100, 200, 202
AT Austria Foreign payment transactions RFFOAT_L
BR Brazil Duplicata file RFFIBR_U
DK Denmark Post office bank Udland RFFODK_U
FR France DME foreign pymt transactions RFFOF__T
NL Netherlands DME foreign pymt transactions RFFONL_A

Change system parameters in customizing

You can still use the instruction keys which have already been maintained. However, when further table maintenance is carried out, the system checks whether the specified instructions are allowed. You can set the check (no check / warning if an error is found / error message). You will find further information in the long text of the relevant Error message 461 in work area F0 .

If you need additional instructions which have not been entered in the check tables (because of special agreements with your house bank or because of special DME formats), these can be added. You will find further information in the documentation for the activity "Define instructions for payment transactions" .

Changes in procedure

You can enter the instructions in the customer/vendor line item under 'Additional data' when posting or parking a document. If instructions are defined in the document, the instructions in the instruction key are ignored.