Changes to Automatic Payment Transactions


Alternative Payee in Document

Beginning in Release 4.0A, you can make allowances for an alternative payee in payment transactions for customers and vendors by specifying an account number. The account numbers that are permissible depend on the customer or vendor to whom the posting is made.

In the customer/vendor master record, you store account numbers of other customers or vendors who may be specified as alternative payees or payers in a document.

You may store company code-independent or company code-specific alternative payees/payers.

Account Holder

As of Release 4.0A, you can store the name of the account holder with customer or vendor bank details. This name is transmitted to the bank as a part of automatic payment transactions for transfers or debit memos by data carrier or form. Previously, the name of the account holder was given as the name of the customer/vendor or of the alternative payee.

This enhancement was made partly in response to the requirements of some countries in which the name of the account holder must be specified exactly as it is known to the bank. Another reason for the enhancement was to refrain from an alternative payee if it is only used for purposes such as making transfers to a bank account whose holder is not the same as the customer or vendor.

Permitted Currencies

You can define for each payment method and paying company code whether the payment method can also be used for payments in foreign currency. In Release 4.0A, you can also define permitted currencies for each payment method and country.

Individual Selection of Banks

Until Release 3.1, there was a customer exit for the payment program with which you could make a selection for a payment from permitted house banks and business partner bank details independent of the logic in the standard system. You could specify a house bank and, if bank details for a business partner were required for payment, the required business partner bank details.

In Release 4.0A, process interface 00001810 has taken the place of the customer exit. This interface provides more bank selection options. Two tables with house banks and business partner bank details permitted from the standard view are transferred to one of the function modules called in this process in addition to payment information (payment method, currency, amount). You can mark any entries in these tables that are not yet required. The standard bank selection will then only use those entries that were not marked. You can make a definition explicitly (leave only one permitted bank in each table), define only one of both banks, or restrict the selection in another way. This allows you to take advantage of the following functions that cannot be shown in standard Customizing:

Open Interfaces in Financial Accounting (Open FI).

New Payment List

As of Release 4.0A, you can output the line item list from a payment set with program RFZALI20, which provides for flexible list layout. For example, you can change list sorting for individual users, hide payment or item information, or output further data. A more complete description of layout options is included in the documentation for program RFZALI20.

Faxing Payment Advice Notes

You use the process interface 00002040 in

Open FI to select the message type for sending payment advice notes (printing or faxing). However, you must first make basic preparations for faxing.
Interface 00002050 lets you change the print parameters for payment advice notes.

Change system parameters in customizing

Alternative Payee in Document

Switch the new fields to ready for input for master record maintenance.

Permitted Currencies

Maintain permitted currencies for each payment method and country with SM30 for table T042W. A transfer of maintenance is available as an alternative if you maintain detailed data for payment methods in the country.

If you do not plan to use the enhanced functions, you will not have to make any additional system settings.

Changes to the interface

Alternative Payee in Document

A new function key that takes you to table maintenance for permitted payee/payer was added to the screens for payment transactions in customer and vendor master records.

In document entry, the field payee or payer was included in the screens for customer and vendor items. The field becomes visible if alternative payees/payers are permitted in the master record.

Changes in procedure

Alternative Payee in Document

If payment for a line item is meant to take place through an alternative payee/payer, enter their account number in the payee/payer field in document entry.

Permitted Currencies

The payment program uses the specification of permitted currencies for a payment method if the payment method in the paying company code allows payments in foreign currency. If the permitted currencies are specified, only payments in one of these currencies can be processed with this payment method. If no permitted currencies are specified, then the previous procedure is used: in other words, all currencies are allowed. If the payment method only allows payments in local currency, specified currency keys will be ignored.

You may implement the new functions if

Further notes