Changes to dunning in 4.0


The following enhancements have been made for dunning in 4.0:

A single customer or vendor can be dunned using the individual dunning notice switch in transaction F150. This enables you to see the current dunning status, and to make a sample printout or an actual printout of the dunning notice. For individual dunning notices, an MHNK/MHND record is only written in the actual printout.
As of 4.0, it is possible to group dunning notices for one-time accounts.
In each company code, sort variants for dunning notice headers and lines can be maintained in table T047.
As of 4.0, the interest calculation indicator set for the dunning procedure can be used for each dunning area.
By installing interfaces, it is possible to carry out customer-specific enhancements or modifications. The following interfaces are available:
P00001020 After reading, prior to printing
P00001030 Determine form
P00001040 Determine output device
P00001050 Read additional fields for MHNK
P00001051 Read additional fields for MHND (BSID)
P00001052 Read additional fields for MHND (BSIK)
P00001053 Set CPDKY
P00001060 Check whether dunning should take place in MHND
P00001061 Deletion indicator MHND
P00001070 Interest determination MHND
E00001705 Start printing dunning notice
E00001710 Dunning notice printed
E00001720 Additional activities
E00001730 Customizing (Key text)
E00001740 Additional Customizing
E00001750 Parameter maintenance (Key text)
E00001751 Parameter maintenance
E00001760 Application ID MHNK
E00001761 Application ID MHND

Change system parameters in customizing

You may need to carry out adjustments in Customizing for the changes described above.

Further notes

For further information, see the following release notes:

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