Payment requests and payment program


From Release 4.0A you can process payments using payment requests. The payment request represents an order to make payment to a vendor account, customer account or between G/L accounts (e.g. payment transactions between house bank accounts). You can also use payment requests to make payments in a third currency (such as local currency: DEM, document current: FRF and payment in USD). In addition to clearing individual transactions, cross-company code payment transactions is also possible, provided this is also supported by the relevant applications.

The payment request functions do not support special G/L transactions and cash discount terms.

From Release 4.0A, these functions are available in Treasury Management for money market, foreign exchange, securities and derivatives. They are also available in Cash Management for cash concentration.

In addition to the accounting document, which is blocked with a special payment block, the individual applications also post a payment request. The payment program for payment requests determines the payment requests due for payment and summarizes them as far as possible (clearing of individual transactions). The payment can be made directly or a payment proposal can be generated and edited first.

When the payment is made, the corresponding documents are posted and the payment requests and the related accounting documents are cleared. The payment data can be displayed using the payment and exception list. You can use the relevant SAP programs to generate payment and data media.

For information on posting payment requests, see the documentation for Treasury Management.

Change system parameters in customizing

You need to make the relevant settings for payment requests and the payment program in the Implementation Guide for Treasury Management. Some of the Customizing settings you make for the FI payment program is also used (company codes, payment methods and bank selection).

Changes to the interface

You can call up the payment program in the application menu under:

--> MONEY MARKET (etc.)

To start the payment program for payment requests, enter a payment run ID and a date. All the information relating to this payment run is saved under these values. Choose 'Maintain parameters' to call up the input screen for the payment run parameters. Enter your values for the parameters. You can also use other fields for selecting payment requests ('dynamic selections') and generate an 'additional log'. You can also integrate 'print programs' to print payment media and to generate lists. On the following screen, you define the programs and variants you require. Save your parameters for the payment run.

You can now choose between a proposal run or a payment run. Choose 'Schedule proposal' or 'Schedule payment'. Enter a start time (or start immediately) and a machine. Also indicate whether the specified payment media and lists are to be generated.

If you choose a proposal run, you can display the log, payment list and exception list. You can edit or delete the payment proposal. If the payment proposal meets your requirements, you can execute the update run ('Schedule payment').

At the end of the payment run, the system generates the posting documents, payment and exception list and the payment media. The payment run is concluded.

To display and archive payment requests, you can also choose: