Enhancements and Changes in Electronic Banking


For Release 40A, various programs and possible customizing settings have been enhanced:

Program RFEBKA00

1. Format SWIFT MT940:
A new user exit has been created which you can use to edit the imported (raw) data before the SAP program processes it.
All imported data is copied as an internal table in the user exit. You can change, add to, or delete data.
This means this user exit (SAP enhancement FEB0004) makes it possible for you to treat country/bank-specific deviations from the SWIFT MT940 format in such a way that they comply with the SWIFT MT940 format recommended by SAP.
Note that any changes you make to the user exit are entirely your own responsilbility.
2. Formats CSB43 (Spain) and ETEBAC (France):
The alternative currency keys (such as 000 for FRF) used in these formats are handled differently from Release 40A.
In addition to the transaction type, you also assign a currency class to the house bank account when you are customizing the electronic bank statement.
In a currency class, you pair off the currency keys used in the system (for example, per ISO standard) and the alternative currency keys delivered.
SAP currency key : alternative currency key
DEM : 215

Create Currency Class

Define Currency Classes

Assign Currency Classes

The system uses these assignments to determine the currency key required in the system from that supplied by the bank statement.
Processing terminates if any currency classes or pairs are missing.

Postprocessing transaction for the electronic bank statement

The postprocessing transaction has been made easier to work with. In the display showing all the statements from a house bank account, the system shows the update status of the line items related to this statement:

1. A green check mark means that all line items have been posted.
2. A red cross means that at least one line item has no been posted. Where this is the case, you must carry out postprocessing.


1. The display only shows the postings for the posting area you displayed.
What this means is that if the overview of all the bank statements in a posting area shows that all the items in a statement are processed in full (green check mark), this does not mean that all the line items in the other posting area are processed in full too. You must check this separately by displaying the other posting area.
a) Bank statements which were generated for batch input sessions count as processed in full (green check mark)
b) Line items for which there is no posting in the displayed posting area (such as purely G/L postings -> only one posting area) also count as fully processed in this unused posting area.