Allocation of user-specified numbers on creation of an asset.


In Release 4.0A, you can specify a number range to be used for allocating numbers to assets on their creation in the system. To do this, you need to:

The following parameters in function module EXIT_SAPLAIST_001 can be allocated number from ranges that you specify:

Either a number range (E_NUMKR) or a main asset number (E_ANLN1) should be returned.
If a main asset number is returned, you can prevent it from being checked against the number range (E_NO_CHECK_NR = 'X').
An include (ZXISU01) is already contained in this function module. You need to create this included program yourself, with the appropriate code for your specific number allocation.
The following is a simple example of how you can modify function module EXIT_SAPLAIST_001:

*   INCLUDE ZXAISU01												* 
* Allocation of numbers according to location 
	WHEN 'ORT1'. 
		 E_NUMKR = '01'. 
	WHEN 'ORT2'. 
		 E_NUMKR = '02'. 
	WHEN 'ORT3'. 
		 E_NUMKR = '03'. 
		 E_NUMKR = '04'.