New activities in FI-SL for 4.0A


Activity HRP1:
Results from HR payroll accounting are posted to accounting using this accounting transaction. In earlier Releases, the same data was posted using activity RFBU.

Activity RFT1:
This accounting transaction is used to post data from trip costs accounting to accounting. In earlier Releases, the same function was performed by activity RFBU.

Activity RKLN:
Accounting transaction RKLN is used to post recalculated internal activity allocation to orders, projects, sales orders, and cost objects (for those objects that could not be recalculated by activity price calculation).

Activity RKLX:
Update of fixed cost predistribution. The fixed costs cleared in planning are posted to actual. When the actual posting takes place later, another valuation takes place with the variable activity price.

Activity RKLT:
Process clearing using a process schema: receivers are generally orders but process-process or cost center/activity type clearings can also be represented.

Activity RKPS:
This activity is the analog to RKLT in planning.