Report Writer 4.0A: Executing Reports


Both the new extract administration and the new set concept affect the execution of Report Writer reports.

Setting the Data Source, Writing and Reading Extracts

Data reselection and extract output is controlled centrally from the selection screen starting in Release 4.0A. You first enter selection conditions on the selection screen. Then you can decide whether to reselect or display an extract that was written earlier with the same selection conditions. On the selection screen, you can use the 'Data source...' and 'Extract parameters...' pushbuttons for this purpose.

After you press the 'Data source...' pushbutton, a dialog box appears in which you can select the following data sources: 'Dispaly extract,' 'Reselect,' and 'Read from archive' (provided that reading from an archive is supported for the reporting table).

If you set 'Reselect' or 'Read from archive' as a data source, the selected data can be stored as an extract. To do this, press the 'Extract parameters...' pushbutton and make the necessary entries.

Entries for Set Variables

The new set concept allows cross-table usage of sets. Example: You can enter a set for field GLT1-RACCT on the selection screen of a report for the GLFUNCT reporting table for a set variable for field GLFUNCT-RACCT.

If a set is not uniquely defined by the set ID entered, the system will present a list of suitable sets for selection.

Selection Variation

If variation of characteristics is allowed in the report definition, you can set the variation parameters (from-level, to-level, and single value indicator) with the 'Variation' pushbutton. If you do not press the 'Variation' pushbutton, then - in contrast to previous Releases - selection variation becomes active by default. If a characteristic is not varied, the user has to make this setting explicitly.