New Extract Management for Report Writer/Report Painter


In Release 4.0, the functions for handling data extracts for the Report Painters and Report Writer were extended. The selection criteria valid when the extract is created are also stored in extract management. This makes it possible to search for extracts on the basis of these selection criteria.

If you select "Display extract" as the data source when executing a report, the system automatically checks whether suitable extracts exist based on the selection screens, and displays these for you to choose from. Or you can also search for, display and print extracts using extract management. In both cases, it is also possible to access all the extracts create in one variation directly.

You delete extracts either manually using the management functions or automatically by setting an expiration date when you create the extract.

The way the report is called up depends on the user-specific settings:

In Overhead Cost Controlling, you can control the report callup with user-specific settings, including the following options:

The default setting for the data source is "Display extract". All the extracts that meet the selection criteria are diplayed for selection.
The default for the data source is "Display extract". The system automatically displays the most recent extract that meets the selection criteria.
The default setting for the data source is "Reselect". The system does not look for extracts.