Structural Changes in the Funds Management Implementation Guide


The Funds Management Implementation Guide (IMG) has been completely restructured in Release 4.0A in accordance with the new component hierarchy. The Funds Management component hierarchy now consists of the following components:

The IMG has been set up in the same way and additionally contains the Basic Settings section before the Basic Data section.

The individual sections of the "old" IMG have been assigned to the corresponding components based on functional viewpoints. For example, the deletion programs are no longer in the Production Startup section but in the corresponding component in each case. You now delete budget data via Budgeting -> Delete budget data and the commitment and actual data via Integration -> Delete commitment data and actual data.

The following sections have been added:

In the Basic Settings section, the Change message control section has been added.
In the Recording Commitment/Actual Data section, the Maintain field status for FM account assignment allocations section has been added.
The Define year-dependent parameters for availability control section has been added.