Integration with Plant Maintenance


As of Release 4.0A, you can maintain an assignment between FM account assignments (funds center, commitment item, fund) and maintenance orders. The maintenance order follow-on documents (reservation, purchase requisition, CO settlement) are then automatically given these FM account assignments.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use the above-mentioned function, you must use Funds Management Customizing to maintain a field status (required, optional, hide) for each FM account assignment.

You can find more information on this in the Funds Management implementation guide in the section "Maintain field status for assigning FM account assignments".

Changes to the interface

If you have maintained a field status, you can maintain the assignment in the maintenance order under Additional data -> Funds management.

As long as the FM account assignment in a maintenance order is not complete (as per the field control), then the HMKU order status (FM account assignment incomplete) is active. This status prevents purchase requisitions from being created automatically for components and services procured externally, as well as preventing the order from being released.

Further notes

Default values can be generated from other account assignments or from a specific user exit.