New Features in the Information System


Logical Databases F2F, F3F

Both of these logical databases lapse as of Release 4.0A. However, those using logical database F1F are still available. All the segments that were available in logical databases F2F and F3F are available in F1F too.

Logical Database F1F

There are two additional segments for the period-related budget.

List of Profit Center Assignments to Funds Centers

There is a report program you can use to display the assignment of FM account assignments to profit centers.

Drilldown Reports

As of Release 4.0A, the report selection includes the Totals records menu item; this contains only drilldown reports at this time.

The following new drilldown reports have been added:

New key figures are available for drilldown reports:

These new key figures are already used in the drilldown reports supplied by SAP.

Line Item Reports

It is now possible to store display variants in reports which have them.