Change in data structures; cluster TS replacement by tables


Due to introduction of the period key for periodic accounting of trips, the cluster TS has been converted to the transparent tables PTRV_HEAD and PTRV_PERIO. In table PTRV_HEAD, there is the period-unlimited header data of trips, the period-specific header data is in table PTRV_PERIO.

The key for PTRV_HEAD is defined in the DDIC structure PTP60, the body in the structure PTPHD. For dynpro display of the PTRV_HEAD fields, the structure PTP02 was defined.

The key for PTRV_PERIO is defined in DDIC structure PTP40, the body in structure PTPPD. For dynpro display of the PTRV_PERIO fields, the structure PTP42 was defined.

The internal control table REISEN (PTK42) is omitted. Its functions have been transferred to PTRV_HEAD, PTRV_PERIO.

The internal table KMSUM for miles/kms accumulation, previously in cluster TS, has been extended and set up as transparent table PTRV_KMSUM.

The changed keys and the introduction of transparent tables also made changes necessary in cluster TE.


KOPF (PTK02) is converted to TRANSPORT (PTP62) and tables PTRV_PERIO (PTP42)and PTRV_HEAD (PTP02).

Miles/kms from KOPF (PTK02) are stored in KMVER (PTK10).

KMVER (PTK10) has the new fields INLKM, AUSKM.

The TE-KEY is defined in PTP00 instead of PTK00.

RPRIV (PTK26)is omitted.

V0SPLIT (PTP70) is new.

VPFPS (PTK22) has the new fields V0TYP, V0ZNR.

ROT (PTK30) has the new fields WAERS, LINE, TXJCD V0TY, B0ZNRP.

AEND (PTK11): Field REPID was extended.


The conversion of data from a 3.0 System to release 4.0 is carried out during the put by means of so-called 'XPRA programs'. For trip data, the programs are 'RPRTRV10' (trip data) and 'RPRTRV11' (tables). If the XPRAs are interrupted, in case of errors, for example, they can be restarted manually later.

Your own enterprise-specific programs that access cluster TS, must be adapted to the new structures; programs that evaluate cluster TE must also be adapted.

Further notes

An example program in which the adaptation has been carried out is programm RPREISD0. It also presents the function modules for accessing the new tables, which you can use in your own programs.