New fields in view "Default Values Dialog" (table T706D)


In the view "Default Values Dialog" in Travel Management, there are 4 new fields: Default trip schema fields 1 to 4.

By means of these fields, the trip schemas that are to be offered to the user in the overview screen of receipt entry as selection fields are specified.
By selecting one of the radio buttons in the "Create trip" box and clicking the "Create" key, you can assign the newly created trip to the trip schema stored in Customizing.
If you have not recorded default trip schemas for all 4 fields, the corresponding fields are suppressed on the overview screen of receipt entry.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use these functions, please adapt the settings in view V_T706D according to your requirements:

Effect on batch input

Due to changes in table T706D and screen 1000 of receipt entry / single record entry, the "Create with trip schema" field of dynpro 1000 of SAPMP56T is no longer needed. If you use this field within batch input, it must be adapted. An example for this can be found in the function group HRTR, include LHRTRF04, form "dynpro_1000".