New customizing tables for trip expense types


The tables T706B 'Trip expense types' and T706C 'Names for trip expense types' are no longer used in the standard version, but are replaced by the following new tables:

T706B1 Trip expense types
T706B2 Trip expense types: Default value/Maximum amounts
T706B4 Trip expense types: Assignment of wage types
T706B5 Names of trip expense types

Change system parameters in customizing

Please check the entries in the new customizing tables:

Dependent functions

The user exits EXB706B and EXA706B before and after read of T706B in accounting program RPRTEC00 have been replaced by the corresponding routines EXB706B1/EXB706B4 and EXA706B1/EXA706B4. Please copy your coding to the new user exits.