Complete retroactive accounting ability for miles/kms accumulation


If a traveling employee has a period indicator in his Travel Privileges (Infotyp 0017) and miles/kms accumulation is active (feature TRVCT, F line, pos. 3), the valuation of miles/kms entries for a trip takes place in dependence on the total distance traveled by the employee in the accumulation period (T706p).
If a miles/kms limit is exceeded, the valuation of the miles/kms entries takes place with the flat rate for the new interval (see the documentation for feature TRVCT).
The current miles/kms status is stored in the transparent table PTRV_KMSUM.

When a trip is accounted, the miles/kms status is raised by the relevant miles/kms amount for the exact date, in other words, the date of the trip is used to find the accumulation period.

Until now, the miles/kms accumulation could not be accounted retroactively (see example). As of release > 4.0A complete retroactive accounting ability is provided.

If the miles/kms entries for an already accounted trip are changed, a check is performed to see if retroactive accounting of accounted trips is necessary. If so, the USER is informed by means of a dialog box. The dialog box offers the options to reverse the cause (changed miles/kms entries) or to start retroactive accounting.


Kilometer limit: 1000 kms
Flat rate for travel costs 0-1000 kms : 0,80 DM
Flat rate for travel costs > 1000 kms : 0,50 DM

Trips within an accumulation period:

Trip 3 is deleted, canceled or changed (600 kms -> 400 kms). This means that the kilometers for trips 4 and 5 must be revalued.

Retroactive accounting resets trips 4 and 5 to status: trip approved/ to be accounted.


For trips that were recorded with release < 4.0A, retroactive accounting cannot be started. Changes in miles/kms entries are not allowed.

Employees who do not have authorization to change status, cannot start retroactive accounting.