Suppression of empty screen lines


For aesthetic reasons, all standard screens in the application component Travel Management have an empty line between the header data and the table control or step loop underneath. As of release 4.0A, there is the option to suppress this line via maintenance of table T706Z for user groups with small monitors or laptops. As a consequence, an additional line appears in the relevant table control or step loop.

Change system parameters in customizing

In table T706Z for the relevant trip provision variant, please enter, in the screen column, the number of the screen in which you wish to suppress the empty line. The screen numbers in table T706Z all refer to module pool SAPMP56T. In the field name column, please enter 'EMPTY_LINE' and in the field attribute column a '-'. The default value column should be left empty. In the feature (TRVFD) column, enter the return value for the user group (for example, laptop users) from feature TRVFD (see the documentation there).

In screen 1320 for the weekly report, you have the additional option to suppress the empty line between the entry blocks. The appropriate field is called 'EMPTY_LINE_2'.

It is not possible to suppress the empty line in screen 1350.