References between Treasury transactions


A reference between Treasury transactions represents a relationship between 'n' transactions. The reference category specifies the meaning of a reference.

Some references are created automatically by the system and some are created explicitly by the user.

The system automatically creates references for the following cases:

The user can create references for the following cases:

on functions)

You can list and edit all references using the new report Collective Processing for References.

With the exception of Netting , the corresponding functions are new and can be found in Money Market, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives under Back office --> References.

As previously, netting transactions are managed using the functions under Back office --> Netting.

Further notes

In the case of references which are automatically created by the system,manual processing is only necessary in exceptional circumstances, for example, if an option in an option spread has to be reversed and the newly created options has to be assigned to the other option.