Optical archive for correspondence - MM/FX/DE


From Release 4.0A you can store your correspondence using an optical archive.

To use this function you must set the 'Optical archive' flag for the relevant correspondence types in the Customizing step 'Define correspondence types':

Treasury Management -> Basic Functions -> Transaction Management
-> Define correspondence types

You access archived correspondence from the financial transaction. When you are in display (or change) mode, you can display the correspondence via Extras -> Correspondence. By double-clicking on a line you activate the archive link monitor and the system displays the document.

If the optical archive is not used, or no object exists, the system displays a spool request containing the required correspondence (if such a spool request still exists).


: If the printer output has been set to create each correspondence document as a single complete spool request (see Customizing: 'Assign forms') and the requests are not deleted after printing, this function allows you to call up the spool directly with a double-click.

Further notes

Entries are also required for optical archive links. These entries are transferred during the client copy. You can check the entries using transaction OAC3 - the relevant entry is BUS2042 TRO_CONF ... .

You may need to adapt the 'Archive' field (2-character archive key) to the system environment

Define links

For more information on the SAPArchiveLink, see the 'Help' function