New posting interface


From Release 4.0A, the securities area uses a new posting interface for postings in the FI general ledger.

In addition to improved stability, this new posting interface also lets you execute posting functions in batch mode.

You can execute the following posting functions in batch mode:

A general posting report analogous to the one available for money market, foreign exchange and derivatives is not yet available.

Securities posting document

The new posting interface uses a new securities posting document, which is used to reference postings made in FI. A securities posting document refers to exactly one FI document and, in the case of a reversal, to the related FI reversal document.

Securities posting documents are generated automatically for all new postings you make.
You can also subsequently generate securities posting documents for all postings you made in the past. To do this, you use report RFVWXFI1. For more information, see the documentation on this report.
SAP recommends that you generate securities posting documents for previous postings, since they provide a better means of referencing postings made in FI. The securities posting journal can only supply comprehensive information on the postings made in FI if securities posting documents exist for all postings made.
For more information, see the Release Note on the Securities posting journal.

Change system parameters in customizing

Number ranges for securities posting documents

You need to define new number ranges for the securities posting documents described above. You have to define number ranges for each company code and fiscal year in the interval '01'.
You define these in Customizing under:
Securities -> Transaction and Position Management -> Functions -> Accounting -> Basic Settings -> Define number ranges for securities posting documents
Maintain number ranges

Note: If you use report RFVWXFI1 mentioned above to subsequently generate securities posting documents and you have not yet defined number ranges in interval '01', the number range intervals for the years 1990 to 2000 will be created by the system automatically in the relevant company code.

Flow type: Relevant for posting indicator

From Release 4.0A, you can classify flows as being relevant for posting or not.
You make this classification in Customizing using the 'Rel. to posting' indicator when defining flow types under
Securities -> Transaction and Position Management -> Basic Settings -> Flow Types -> Define flow types

If this flag is not set for a specific flow type, then flows of this flow type are not posted in the FI general ledger. You also are not required to make any entries for account determination for such flow types.

If you have entries in your account determination for flow types which were not posted in the past and are therefore set as 'clearing account to clearing account' in account determination, you can now flag these flows as not being relevant to posting and you can delete the account determination entries. This makes Customizing for account determination more manageable.

You can set the 'relevant to posting' indicator to 'X' (relevant to posting) as a default for all flow types by running a conversion program. Flow types for which the posting control field previously contained the value '98' (no posting in FI) are an exception here.