Securities: Payment requests


From Release 4.0A the securities area supports payment requests.

For general information on payment requests, see the release note Payment requests and payment program .


Transaction management

The function 'Goto -> Payment request' has been integrated in transaction management to manage payment details relevant to payment requests.

A dialog box appears where you can maintain your payment details. By default, the fields in this screen contain the data you defined in the standing instructions. You need to flag the 'payment request' field if payment requests are to be generated.


For each transaction, one payment request is generated for the net payment amount resulting from the transaction. If a transaction comprises several flows, they are grouped in a payment request. Individual payment always applies to this payment request.

In the posting record concerned, the bank clearing account is replaced with the clearing account for payment requests. The payment program for payment requests clears this posting, by making a posting between the payment request clearing account and the original bank clearing account.

Displaying payment data about payment requests

Use the following options:

Change system parameters in customizing