Securities: Key date valuation - reversal, stock exchange, plausibility


You can now reverse a posted key date valuation either in both Financial Accounting and in securities management or you can choose to reverse it only in securities management.

If you reverse a key date valuation completely in Financial Accounting and in securities management, you have to enter a reversal reason for the FI document.

If you make the reversal only in securities management, you can choose whether to enter a reversal reason or not.

If you have not entered a stock exchange for the position indicator, the security price will be read from any stock exchange. If no price can be found, an error message will appear (as previously).

For key date valuation, all securities account positions of a valuation group (valution category 20 and 22) must be processed at the same time. If you do not select a securities account for processing, the system cannot process the entire valuation group, In the case of a reversal, you must always process the entire valuation group too.